Children | Bella & Sammie ~ Dana Point, CA

I have been photographing these girls since Sammie was a leetle baby! It is so great to see these girls grow up. And those eyes on that baby girl!

Children | Noah Getward ~ Raleigh, NC

Say it with me - he is adorable!! This little handsome man is Noah, and he was such a treat to photograph. From his vintage firetruck (his dad is a firefighter) to his silly big bad wolf expression, he had me laughing the whole time. Enjoy!

Styled Shoot | Lauren Wittry Photography

This past October, I was lucky enough to attend Click Away, a photography conference that was held here in San Antonio this year. What an experience! Not only did I get to meet Sue Bryce (I completely geeked out) but I was able to learn so much from so many awesome photographers. This particular shoot was a styled shoot I was a part of with Stephanie Lemmon of Lemmondmade Photography. Her images are gorgeous! These two sisters were total pros and I had such a good time capturing them in their beautiful gowns. Enjoy!

Children | Hickey Cousins ~ San Clemente, CA

What a fun group of kids this was! I have been friends with Carly for almost 20 years (yikes!) and it was a joy to be able to take pictures of her kids and their cousins. Those Hickey genes are strong if you ask me! We were so lucky, the day down at San Clemente beach was cloudy and dreary until right before everyone showed up - then it was blue skies and warm weather!