Delivery From The Universe

It's funny how things present themselves to you when you need them most. I have been in a creative rut lately, and it’s been keeping me down. Which has kind of surprised me. Then, I came across this video on a Sue Bryce's website, where she quoted the poem Love After Love (every woman should look it up). 

Sue Bryce is someone I have always loved. She is amazing all around - a speaker, a photographer, a teacher and just as a person (and, I get to meet her in a few weeks). I was always drawn to her work, but never saw it as something I was interested in, creatively. Sue is bringing back beautiful, timeless, romantic Glamour Portraits. Basically, they are beautiful portraits (hair, makeup, the whole jazz) of women to make them feel confident and beautiful like they are every day. Think Glamour Shots, without the mall and cheesy, horrible makeup and outfits.

So yesterday, when I was feeling the ruttiest, I happened to click on to her website, saw that video, and was completely inspired to change what I am learning. Which will take months if not years, to master her way of photographing, but I am excited.

So, I decided to call it my personal photography project. Something I do on the side, in my spare time, with no intention of making money doing it. In that moment, I realized I NEVER call myself a photographer. I never own that part of me, because I am afraid of what people will think. 

And just like that, I came across another inspiring video where she talks about fear and blocks. She talks about how fear really isn't fear, it's just anxiety and how you need to own who you are.

I need to believe the more I think my work is worth, the luckier I am going to get. I need to stare the anxiety in the face. I loved the video and I felt completely inspired. I am excited to show women how beautiful they really are and provide them with art that they can proudly hang on their walls. I am excited to push myself creatively. 

And then low and behold, Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, Big Magic, book pops into my Facebook news feed two minutes later (you should look that up, too).

I'm telling you - the universe shows you what you need to see. Now, if only I could find more time in my day…..