Children | Endless Summer | Doheny Beach ~ Dana Point, CA

Ahh summer. Although I love Texas, I love summer in California much more. I am a fall lover (and a fall baby) so naturally when summer ends anywhere, I turn into a giddy schoolgirl waiting for the leaves to turn (only one place here in Texas!), the pumpkin spice latte to be released (that whole pre-release in August was bogus, Starbucks! It was still in the 100's here) and the temperatures to drop.

But...I am a little sad this summer is over. I loved watching these kids frolic - what a fun word, by the way - in the surf, build castles in the sand and just be kids. Sometimes I forget what its like to just be a kid.

Here's hoping you all had a little salt in the air and sand in your hair this summer!